Cowsill Marathons

Back in the "old days" we used to get together every Sunday night on AOL and chat. It was a small group of probably less than 10 of us. People would pop in at times to liven up our lives, but in the down times we would dream of getting together - putting faces with names - and having a big slumber party. I remember one night we were saying, "Yeah it would be a Cowsill Marathon, seeing how long we could stay awake at our age." The name stuck and finally the first "Marathon" happen in December of 1997. Including Cowsills, there were 15 of us in 1997, closer to 20 in 1998, 50 in 1999 (including dogs), and over a thousand at TORI in 2001. There are only four of us who have attended all five Marathons: Sandy, Tracy, Kathy, and yours truly.

Cowsill Marathon I

Cowsill Marathon II

Cowsill Marathon III

Cowsill Marathon IV

Cowsill Marathon V

A Family Thing 2

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