Cowsill Transcripts

John Cowsill
August 30 - September 2, 1991
Dick Clark's Summer Memories

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Dick: This is Dick Clark where we’re traveling to magical summer places on the Summer Memories Special. You know one of the most popular TV shows of the early 70’s was about a family recording act that included their mother. Of course we’re talking about The Partridge Family. But that fictional TV family was patterned after a real life musical family The Cowsills John Cowsill told us that the producers of that show were considering using their mother, Barbara, to play the role of Mrs. Partridge. But, of course, that ended up going to Shirley Jones. John says that despite the popularity of the show, the Cowsills were never compensated to the right to their family story.

John: This is after all the meetings and script – you know getting information off our history and stuff. Of course they twisted it a bit so you could never fight it in court. And we didn’t have a pasley bus like that either, so you know we couldn’t really get them. We’re not the suing kind of people anyway. It doesn’t matter. And they even got Wes Farrell our producer !! who did Indian Lake. I mean every song sounds like Indian Lake to me. It does or Poor Baby or something. Even Tony Romeo, who’s a wonderful guy too, wrote a lot of their tunes . Oh give me a break !! God love ‘em all anyway. (laughs)

Song: Indian Lake

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