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The Lost 45's
July 1, 1990
WZLX Host - Barry Scott

Barry Scott: WZLX and The Lost 45's with the Staple Singers "Touch A Hand, Make A Friend" and I forgot to write that one down and I got to do that here. And before that we heard "Society's Child" by Janis Ian which was a request from Paul (Paul: Paul Thank you Barry) Cowsill who wanted to hear that. What does that remind you of Paul?

Paul: It just reminds me of when like I was in the 7th and 8th grades and we were living in Newport, Rhode Island and boy that thing used to come on and I used to go "Ah it's great to be alive."

Barry Scott: And now you do the same thing.

Susan: Yes, he ... I

Paul: When I hear it, I cry now ha ha

Bob: This is Bob and it reminded me of my junior prom.

Susan: And this is Susan and it reminded me of all their memories.

Paul: Middletown High School

John: And this is John and it reminded me of my first crushes.

Paul: (singing) Memories pressed between the pages of our lives.

Barry Scott: I think they're having fun

Song: Memories

Susan: Alright Alright Alright

Paul: Sorry Barry

Barry Scott: Actually that's what we were just talking about. By the way, you are listening to WZLX and I'm Barry Scott here on the Lost 45's and we have with us the Cowsill family.

Susan: We're kind of the found 45's, aren't we?

Barry Scott: They're found now. We will be reuniting them Tuesday for a full length concert at Zanzibar, 1 Bolston Place. It starts at 9 o'clock and we were just talking about the fact that back in the 60's when the Cowsills were out, they were a bit young and now they're really enjoying things in a different way. Susan do you want to comment on that?

Susan: I can comment heavily on that. Ummm back then, you know, it was kind of like ummm a dream. And now you're conscious of what's going on and you can appreciate all the people and everything that, you know, it meant to them. When you're a little kid, you don't know what's going on and all you know is you want your next hot dog or hamburger and to watch Julia at 8 o'clock. And that was what was important to me back then and I feel different about it now and I'm glad to say it. John?

John: That's a beautiful thing Susan. I can, I can embellish on that one. Well the thing is, for me, cuz I was a little bit older, but yeah I started when I was seven so we just kind of grew up doing it. It was a thing we did. And we grew up doing this so you did it and it was something you did. OK?

Barry Scott: Well let's - let's give your ages.

John: Now as you - after --- In 1966 I was gosh 11, 10 , or 11

Barry Scott: OK and Susan was a little bit younger.

John: Yo, quite so.

Bob: I was sixteen.

Barry Scott: That was Bob.

Paul: This is Paul. I was fourteen.

Barry Scott: Susan?

Susan: This is Susan.

John: And she was seven. Or somewhere there.

Barry Scott: OK so

Susan: I was six.

Bob: OK get the calculators out now.

Susan: Hold on, I was six. Now if we're going to do this, don't make me 32 now.

Barry Scott: Suffice it to say you were younger...

Susan: I was six now.

Barry Scott: ...than most of the older generation of rock and rolls like Mick and David Bowie that are out there now.

Susan: Yeah - oh never mind.

Barry Scott: Yes well go on.

Susan: No, no, no. I was just going to comment on all the wrinkles, but I decided that this isn't the place to do it.

Paul: On Good Morning American, laugh lines we do have, but even on Good Morning America, I mean, it's been like the first time I've seen myself on TV in 20 years. This is Paul, by the way. And I just looked at myself and I saw like this wad of gray hair.

Susan: Yeah I noticed that too.

Paul: And I'm going like, "Wow, you know, like I, you know, it's just

John: You do have gray hair.

Paul: Well I do have gray hair but you know but like I feel like I have gray hair.

John: (British accent) Let me tell you that Paul feels like he's, he's sharing something, dark and deep secret with all of us here in the studio. Thanks for sharing with us Paul.

Barry Scott: OK well we're going to play a song and then we're going to open up the phone lines to calls

Susan: Let's open them up.

Barry Scott: The phone line are 931-1007. Hundred point seve and dial it carefully or else you'll get another radio station and well we're going to play "The Rain, The Park and Other Things". Anything you want to say about it?

John: Yeah I just want to say that you ARE listening to WZLX 100.7. The classic hits !!! And it is raining.

Song: The Rain, The Park and Other Things

Everyone: Harmonizing TRTPOT as they come back in.

Susan: Oh my God. That was us.

Barry Scott: That was you, you know. I turned the record off.

Susan: Oh man we were just ---- How embarrassing.

Paul: At least we're not lip synching.

Barry Scott: They did not know that I was going to do that.

Bob: No sampling there.

Susan: And I am not wearing a chrome plated breast piece.

Bob: Oh, hold it just a minute. There a lot to be said for chrome plated breast pieces.

John: Chrome plated breast piece and I'd go see it.

Susan: Yeah whatever

John: And I'm Paul.

Susan: Ahhhhh that was John !!

Barry Scott: WZLX and the Lost 45's. I'm Barry Scott. We've in the studios live with the Cowsill family, reunited after 20 years. And they're hanging out here and they just sang a little of bit of The Rain, The Park, and Other Things.

Susan: How'd we do Barry?

Barry Scott: Sounded great!

Susan: Did we sound like the band that did the song?

Barry Scott: Is that what you're going to sound like on Tuesday night?

Susan: You bet.

John: With all the music.

Bob: When I get a band behind me.

John: Barry I think we have a weather spot to come up at us.

Susan: I think we have a caller or two.

John: Or we have a caller, really?

Barry Scott: We're going to take a call, we're going to check in first with WZLX time saver traffic and here we go.

Traffic report

Bob: ... Kim ever being engaged to Barry.

Kim: I used to write letter about you guys. You guys ...

John: Kim, are you married now?

Kim: Excuse me?

John: Are you married now?

Kim: Oh yeah married

John: Got any kids?

Kim: No, not yet. But I may be pregnant now.

John: Hey Kim this is John and I'm married and my wife is expecting our first baby. She's five months pregnant.

Kim: John, Congratulations!

John: Thank you

Kim: My girlfriend Diane was in love with you.

Song: Path of Love

Barry Scott: WZLX and the Lost 45's with the Cowsills.

Susan: Ah John that was awesome. I'm in tears, I gotta tell ya. I need a Kleenex.

Paul: We love you John.

Susan: We love you John.

Barry Scott: Now that was John's song.

Susan: It was

John: That was John's first single and only single. Ha ha I was the pioneer of the Donny Osmond singles, you know.

Susan: I didn't know we had a pioneer in our presence.

John: Pioneers yeah

Susan: Shoot

Paul: Davy Crockett, Fess Parker

John: Just call me Pinocchio

Singing "Daniel Boone was a man. Yes a real man and he rode"

Susan: "with the Cherokee" something else I don't remember

John: "and Ed Ames Ed Ames" Staring the Ames brothers.

Susan: Barry what are you doing?

Barry Scott: Hang on. I'm checking a new headphone set.

Paul: He's going through head sets. Barry got a lot of headphones for Christmas this past year. And uhh

Susan: Your tolerant listeners are more used to your layed back attitude.

Paul: (behind John's voice) You breaking up cuz that needles going in the red, Barry?

John: And you are listening to WZLX 100.7

Barry Scott: No, everything is real fine.

John: Oh good

Barry Scott: I'm just watching you all.

Susan: Oh you are ha ha ha

Barry Scott: Was there always this much energy around your house?

Susan: Yes

John: We have always run our mouths.

Susan: The fact that amazes me is that though these people are approaching 50. I had to say it, it's not true. That the energy is still pretty much just where it always was. Now me, it's understandable why I still have it.

Paul: You know Barry before we started getting back on this thing. I was building houses for 15 years and this is Paul and uh my wife will say that I just go go go go go and then mid-sentence I just fall asleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Barry Scott: We look forward to that at the concert on Tues.

Bob: You know what I think Barry, can I say something?

Paul: Hey I have that disease.

Susan: Hey Bob wants to talk.

Bob: Cuz I've been thinking on the drive. We drove from New York - like 3 hours - and I'm thinking now - Boston Boston - and the main thing to me about being in Boston is that backwards it's not notsob. So, I say, that makes sense cuz I never sob in Boston. You know I really

Susan: Hit him. Hit him.

Bob: yeah

John: That was Bob - remember.

Susan: We've moved him away. Sorry about that.

Barry Scott: We're going to take some more calls. Uhh

Susan: Are there more calls?

Barry Scott: Who's missing? Who's missing from The Cowsills clan today?

Bob: Bill, Barry, Richard, Mom and Dad

John: Dad is in Mexico.

Susan: Mom is in heaven.

Bob: Richard's outside

Paul: Barry's in Monteray

Susan: Bill is in Canada (John behind Susan says "In Vancouver")

Bob: John and Susan and Paul and Bob are here.

Susan: And hi. We're The Cowsills.

John: You're listening to WZLX

Susan: 100.7

Bob: One hundred and seven tenths

Susan: Hi we're The Cowsills and we'd like to wish you a Merry --- or I'm sorry

Song: We Can Fly

Barry Scott: WZLX and the Lost 45's and the Pointer Sisters and "How Long" "Betya Got a Chick on the Side" was the sub title on that song. That made it to number 20 back in 1975, which makes it a Lost 45. A record you never thought you'd hear again on the radio. Before that we heard "The Path of Love" by The Cowsills and we have them in the studio. They're going to be a Zanzibar this Tuesday night, reuniting them. They are going to play for a hour and fifteen minutes...

Susan: And more.

Paul: Whatever

Susan: Whatever they want.

Barry Scott: All of their hits, plus some of their new songs. We got a few of their new tunes, they're going to debut on the Lost 45's tonight.

John: Right on

Barry Scott: We'll be hearing some of them. But we're also going to be playing some of the Lost 45's by them that they requested so.

John: Barry this next one we're going to play is ahh before I tell you her name we were doing the Ed Sullivan show which we did a few times in the 67. And this young lady, when you hear this song, it gives you goose bumps. When you see this young lady she is very sexy, in a down home way. Well hey chill.

Susan: Well I'm sure she is still though

John: Hey this young lady was a stone fox and my brother Bob will also agree with me. When she came onto the stage, she was looking great and she sounded even better and you play this song and I will go right back to that place on the Ed Sullivan stage. Her name is Bobby Gentry.

Barry Scott: Now this was the summer of 67?

John: Yeah

Barry Scott: Here we go. The fox, Bobby Gentry.

John: Eeeeoooowwww

Song: Ode To Billy Joe

Barry Scott: WZLX and the Lost 45's. I'm Barry Scott and that was Bobby Gentry. A number one record back at this time actually in summer of 1967.

Susan: I love that song.

John: Go Bobby

Barry Scott: And one of the Cowsills favorite as they hang out in the studio with us today on the Lost 45's.

Susan: We're hanging out.

Barry Scott: Why are you here?

Paul: To each these great sandwiches you have here and the fries are awesome.

Susan: We're here because because we love you Barry and we've been talking to you for three weeks on the phone. And we've been planning this big get together

Paul: At Zanzibar, July 3rd at 9 PM

Susan: 9 PM - no I was going to read it with you - you know - no go

Paul: We're going to be there at 9 PM on July 3rd OK cuz we figured the 4th of July everyones going to be dead meat

Susan: It's our first

Paul: And we want fresh people. They got a day off the next morning and they can come out and party hard with us.

Bob: And it's been 20 years since we've played and we haven't even rehearsed. We're just going to pull it off, off the top of our heads.

Paul: No, we've been rehearsing for about 2 months. We got a nice show together.

Barry Scott: Let's sing a chorus of something. How about a chorus of Hair

Susan: A chorus of Hair right now.

Barry Scott: Oh he picks up a guitar

Susan: You think we can't do this. I can tell by your tone.

Paul: We have John on the drums on the 3rd. Bob on guitar, Susan on guitar. We're going to have our friend Cecil Duke playing bass. This is Paul. I'll be on keyboards.

Susan: And AJ will be watchin'.

Song: Hair

Bob: There

Barry Scott: Wow !! You caught me off guard.

Susan: You caught me off guard with your first question.

John: Come on Barry. Barry wants his, "long, straight, curly, fuzzy"

Barry Scott: Let's - Let's take a call. OK how about that. WZLX and the Lost 45's.

Debbie: Hi I'm calling to talk to the Cowsills

Barry Scott: Go ahead

Debbie: Hi my name's Debbie and I'm calling from Waltham

Susan: Hi Deb

Debbie: Hi and I just wanted to tell you guys that when I was growing up I came from a very dysfunctional family and to listen to your music made me feel a lot better. All the love I wasn't getting from my family.

Susan: You know, so did we.

Paul: Yeah, thank you so much cuz so much of that has gone down and you know over the years we've gotten letters from people who who have had hard times of things. And you know they look to our family. We were, you know, no matter what anybody says, we always did love each other.

Susan: That's right

Paul: We have always gotten along and the reason this thing can come back and it made our almost dysfunctional family, a functional family. Ourselves.

Debbie: I was very sorry to hear about your mother.

Paul: Yeah

Susan: She's doin' good.

Debbie: She'll live on in our hearts I know.

Bob: She's going to be there Tuesday.

Debbie: You better believe it, if I can make it.

Song: Poor Baby

Susan: Come on and do it. You know you want to. He loves this traffic thing you guys.

Barry Scott: WZLX and the lost 45's with the Cowsills and Poor Baby

Susan: And one of my favorites.

Barry Scott: The true mono version

Paul: You know Barry if you're coming in on the 95 today there's a major traffic accident so you'll have to divert to the 91. Go north, pick up the 84, get on the Massachusetts Turnpike and don't pay any tolls. There's all on Barry Scott. At WZLX 100.7

Susan: Thank you Paul in the sky and back to you Barry.

Barry Scott: We are here with the Cowsills in the studio and coming up next, we're going to play for the first time ever, a brand new tune from the Cowsills. And they will be doing new songs on Tuesday night at Zanzibar 9 PM, when they do their set. They'll be doing a lot of old tunes and they'll be playing some new songs and we're going to talk about next after we do the traffic of course.

Susan: I thought we just did the traffic? Oh that was Paul, I'm sorry.

Barry Scott: Now you grew up in Newport, Rhode Island so there are people who listen to this show who are in Rhode Island so if you know The Cowsills from when they were little, littler and you'd like to tell us a story or say hello to them, give us a call 931-1007.

John: Anyone who went to school with me, call me.

Susan: Anyone, Kathy O'Brien, Linda Ronat (??), Janie Hussey

Paul: Dick Crockett, Dickie Crockett

Bob: Cindy Cloto (??) give me a call

Paul: ??? are you out there

John: Donny Brulet

Susan: Patty Sullivan

John: Nancy Hussey are you out there Nancy Hussey

Paul: John's been dreaming about you.

Susan: Give us a call you guys. We're here. We want to see you guys. We want see - wait - we want to see if you look as old as we do now. You know what I'm saying.

John: Nancy Hussey, you used to give me free Pixy Sticks and bubblegum man. I love you forever.

Susan: Janie Hussey, I walked you into a tree and got your nose bloody cuz we were playing Trust Me ha ha

Paul: Charlie Robin, if you're out there give me a ring. I want to get in touch with you. I'll be in Newport tomorrow.

Susan: Yeah, he wants to go fishing, Charlie.

Paul: Thanks Barry

Barry Scott: I'm suppose to be in control of this.

John: Thank you so much. Hey

Barry Scott: Oh we got traffic right now. WZLX time saver traffic - let's check in.

Traffic Report

Barry Scott: 8 o'clock at WZLX in Boston. I'm Barry Scott and you're on the Lost 45's. Should I do the traffic now? Records you never thought you'd hear on the radio. And we're here with the Cowsill family. And we're just hanging out here and having a good time. Talking about lost 45's, talking about their reunion which will occur Tuesday night at Zanzibar 9 PM at 1 Bolston Place. It's one of the Lost 45 night so if you haven't come to one of these yet, we usually get 500 to 700 people packing the dance floor. We do songs from the 60's and 70's. We play 'Name That Lost 45'. We're going to give away a package from the Trimon House there. Accommodations overnight stay, bed and breakfast.

Susan: It's great. We love it there

Paul: Yo Mama

Barry Scott: And you're staying there, actually.

John: We're staying there.

Bob: And I'm goin' spend the evening looking out at the rain of Boston.

Barry Scott: Isn't that---

John: I love it.

Susan: Like I can see the street from there (???)

Bob: I guess I'll go out tonight. What am I talking about? Hey No, it's a great place. Great place.

Barry Scott: Well talk about these new songs.

Bob: Alright. We are so thrilled. So thrilled Barry.

Susan: So excited

Bob: Barry, now hang onto your hat now buddy.

Susan: ???? for all you who can't be there.

John: Ahhh yaaaaa

Paul: For all you who don't know Barry, he's sitting here he's like---

Bob: He looks like Don the Beach Comber.

Paul: He looks like he just got off the beach and a set of baggie on and he's a funny shirt that says American Red Cross - I Can Give Mouth To Mouth.

John: You got the room numbers?

Bob: OK The new stuff. Let's talk new. Let's talk new.

John: Let's be new.

Bob: We love, love all these old songs and they are a lot of fun and we do, do them obviously. Do-Do And we enjoy it. But, you know, we want everyone to know that there is NEW material. And we're going to be doing a lot of new material and it's excellent stuff and it's what The Cowsills would have been if they had continued. So, now we have the joy of doing it a little later where we'll all appreciate it more.

Susan: It's just really good music, so why don't we hear some B, if that's OK.

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