Cowsill Studio Musicians

I thought I'd see how many of the studio musicians who have played on Cowsill recordings we could find. Here's a start. If you know of any of anyone not listed here, please email me.

Performed On

Bell, Vincent "Vinnie"

Guitar - "Hair", "TRTP&OT" and "The Milk Song"

Vincent "Vinnie" Bell invented a number of electric guitar models for Danelectro. He designed perhaps the first electric 12-string guitar, and invented the electric sitar in 1967.

Vinnie Bell and Vinnie and "The Milk Song"

Bianco, Eugene

Harp - "TRTP&OT"

Eugene Bianco - Eugene's obituary give a bio of himself.

Jimmy Wisner Interview mentions this.

Burton, James

Guitar - "Most Of All"

James Burton, known as the Master of Telecaster,has performed with everyone from Ricky Nelson to Johnny Cash, to John Denver to Roy Orbison, Joni Mitchell and Elvis Costello, just to name a few. James has also been recognized by the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

Comment made between songs at ToRI 2003 by Bob. Also James Burton

Gorgoni, Al

Guitar - "TRTP&OT"

Al Gorgoni - Al was a guitarist, arranger, composer and producer who worked with groups such as The Four Seasons, The Shangri-Las, The Dixie Cups, Simon & Garfunkel, Van Morrison and The Monkees.

The is referenced on the Wikipedia page of TRTP&OT. Also Al's site.

Hodges, Gary "Hoppy"


Hoppy is a drummer, percussionist and vocalist, Buckingham Nicks and Los Angeles studio drummer. Gary now works in Branson, Missouri.

Boyd Williams Website

Osborn, Joe

Bass - "TRTP&OT"

Joe was a member of the Wrecking Crew and died Dec 14, 2018 at age 81. He was also a member of Ricky Nelson's backing band. He played on such hits as The Monkees Theme, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Monday, Monday, This Diamond Ring, Secret Agent Man and Holly Holy.

Variety article
Joe Osborn, Dies at 81

Saltzman, Buddy

Drums - album The Cowsills

Buddy Saltzman is best-known as a studio musician for the type of records where many listeners don't even notice the drums (folk-rock). Buddy has also played for the likes of Cyrkle, Peter, Paul & Mary and The Archies.

John Cowsill Interview

Scharf, Robby

Bass - Global

Robby has been a studio musician, band member (to many including The Cowsills and the Bel Air Bandits), and worked for several companies (including Sennheiser Electronic Corporation).

Framus Instruments
Also Sennheiser Electronic Corporation

Evans, Buzz

Steel Guitar -
"Cheatin' on Me" On My Side

Click here for a bio of Buzz.

John mentioned this on a youtube video from Women Who Write, where he and his wife, Vicki, did a guest spot.

Members of Dry Dock Country (also known as Supra Heat)


According to newspaper articles (including Carlisle, Pennsylvania's The Sentinel), members of this group recorded on Cowsill records. Research on this group yielded few specifics. The group included Rich ___ on acoustic guitar, Vinnie ___ on Electric guitar, Roy ____ on bass, Peter Gormann on drums, and Stephan ___ on keyboards.

The Sentinal article.

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