Just Believe It - Susan Cowsill Liner Notes

Susan's CD

Just Believe It - Susan Cowsill
Blue Rose Records - August 30, 2004

Flower Bar

Note: This is Susan's (not Blue Rose) release:

Susan Cowsill: vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, tambourine, piano & triangle
Russ Broussard: drums, percussion, guitar, & vocals
Chris Knotts: electric & acoustic guitars, piano, glackenspiel, strumstick & vocals
Rob Savoy: electric & acoustic bass, glockenspiel, & vocals

Produced by Russ, Susan, Chris, Rob, Curry Weber, & track 11 includes Mark Bryan
All songs engineered by Curry excepty #11 by Mark
Mixed by Trina Shoemaker
Recorded at Dockside Studios, Maurice, LA
Additional recording done at Groove Master Studio, Santa Monica, CA by Richard Bosworth, Bill Lane, & Rich Tosi on tracks 2, 7,9; Shinebox Studio, NYC by Stewart Lerman on track 2; Stone Point, Awendaw, SC by Mark Bryan on track 11; Lee Wall's NYC, by Lee Wall on tracks 7, 9, & 14.
Mastered by John Fishbach at Piety Street Recording, New Orleans, La.
Artwork by Fred Presley,Drew Ferguson, Russ and Susan.
Photo credits: Cover photo by Kelly Jason; Susan photo on back cover by Robley Dupleix; back cover upper right picture - 'dancing girl', by Karen Locke; background photo of Bayou Vermilion by Russ.

Adam Duritz appears courtesy of Geffen
Lucinda Willliams appears courtesy of Lost Highway
*Russ plays & thanks Vick Firth sticks, brushes, mallets, & Attack drumheads.
Additional Musicians:
Palm of My Hand: Vicki Peterson Cowsill: vocals, Adam Duritz: vocals, Janson Lobmeyer; Hammond B3
Christmas Time: Mark Meauz: mandolin, guitar
Just Believe It: Jonno Frischberg: fiddle (V3, Cb3, outre), Adrian Huval: triple row accordian, Mark Meaux: mandolin, Amanda Shaw: fiddle (Cb2, V4), Curry Weber: chorus vocals
I Know You Know: Nicolas J. Broussard: vocals, Miranda V.C. Holsapple: vocals, Julie M. Richard: vocals, Jumpin' Johnny Sansone: harmonica
Wawona Afternoon: Richard Burgress: banjo, Mark Meaux: fiddle
Nanny's Song: Jonno Frischberg: violins, Adrian Huval: triple-row accordian, Mark Meaux: mandolin, Junpin' Johnny Sansone: harmonica, Morgan Saucier: cello, Amanda Shaw: violin, Lee Wall: toy piano, bowed cymbals, Lucinda Williams: vocal
Who Know Where the Time Goes?: Janson Lobmeyer: piano, piano accordian, Jumpin' Johnny Sansone: harmonica Gazebo: Vicki Peterson Cowsill: vocals, Jonno Frischberg: fiddle, Janson Lobmeyer: keyboards, Morgan Saucier: cello, Lee Wall: sleigh bells
Wawona Twilight: Janson Lobmeyer: piano
Talkin': Janson Lobmeyer: keyboards, Junpin' Johnny Sansone: harmonica
Crazy:Janson Lobmeyer: keyboards, Wurlitzer
White Light: Adrian Huval: triple-row accordian, Janson Lobmeyer: keyboards
Wawona Night:Janson Lobmeyer: keyboards, Lee Wall: gongs, keyboards

Legal representation, Bob Stein: (202) 364-6438
visit us at: susancowsill.com or write to us at: P.O. Box 791510, New Orleans, La. 70119

Susan, Russ, Chris, & Rob sincerely thank the following:
Everyone who helped to make this record by purchasing a "collector's demo" cd - it really did help! All those who simply made a donation to our recording budget - blew us away every time. Lucy, Adam, & the rest of our friends who played a piece of their soul into our record. And to everyone who helped see this as possible, Bud & Barb, Bianica, Uncle Donald/"S***bird", Aunt Leslie, Nanny, Ma & Pa, Eddie Starr, Dino, Otto, Liuzza, & Allister who's spirits live on; John Meyer for seeing it all, and telling me so, many years ago; Phyllis, I still miss you; Sidney & Joe Broussard for all the help, love, support, friendship, & "sponsorhip." All the Cowsills, Broussards, Knotts, Savoys, Presleys, Petersons & all those related in anyway - we love y'all. Nick & Miranda - y'all are awesone; Roquel Savoy, for encouringing Rob to run & play; Kent & Kelly for always believing & Joey for seeing it big; Pa "Poon" Prejean, Joe Ferra & Vicki Peterson for being wonderful "best friends;" the O'Reillys; Dionne & Drew Ferguson; Fred Presley at pathtree.com - check it out; Fred, again & Kelly, Andrew, Jacob, & Molly; Bob Stein; Dylan Nails & Julie Richard - y'all are awesone, too; Cleo, Tandy, Lucy, Daisy, Andy-Loyd, Flo, Sug, Buddy, Missy, Toby, Zuzu, Milo, & Mojo; Trinity School, especially Virginia & Father Michael; Cameron Smith; Jackson Browne for giving us the buddy rate ... & for being my buddy for all these years; Camerson Smith, again; MC & Kim Gainey ... wow!; Vallerie, David & Justin Polisbook, love, love, love; Ivy Mount School; Linda Twilley; Michael Adams & Halt Music; Mark Meaux of the Bluerunners & his lovely wife Jill. Dave Hirschbland & Bug Music; Becky Rosetti for walking into Cheapo Records; Paul & Shelley Sanchez for giving gentle pushes & supporting 'us'; Jeff & Karen Benninato for the same; Linda Ryan for taking all the "black marks" off of Susan's soul; John Crooke, Dave & Claire Burras, & our Gracy; Mark & Tiffany Manson; Jean Vidrine & Mars; Karla Bonoff for getting me through the night; Autumn Defense, Bluerunners, Los Lobos, Lucinda Williams, Orchestra Baobab, Luna, U2, Hootie & the Blowfish, Lance Armstrong, Yosemite, Thich Nbat Hahn, Science of Mind, Jose Jennings, Ernest Holmmes, Charles Filmore, the Buddha, Jesus, & the Artist formerly known as God for inspiring us; Lee & Martina, Kent Broussard, Vicki & John Cowsill for being such wonderful hosts; Richard Harris for being my imaginary dad - I will miss you; Gail Santamaria; Monica Steward & Jenny Eames; Carrie, Keika & Colley - Wally - Doodle all the Day, Took & Will, Traveller, Mr. Baby, Shaner, Miamo, Jose, Tiff, Nat Baby, Barbarella, Brian, Court Be-bop, Princess Baby, Ryan, EZB, Brandilion, Brie & Lea; Peter - thanks for the instrument loan, Sarah & Webb Holsapple; Hank & Ann Holsapple; Randell and LuAnn Kirsch and their beauties; Milt and Jean Peterson, Mary Horn & her family; Sue Rose, Dwight & Jan Twilley; Marla for walkin' the walk; Miss Joyce; Miss Joanette; Tom Stern; Brett Milano; Ricki Indie Dayan; Mike Mayeux; Scott Schinder; Jack & everyone at Jacques Imo's; Charlie; Jim Lowery; Mitch Ulrich; everyone at Bayou Bicyles & Adam's Bicycles - the best bike shops in the US; Nancy, Karen, Pam, Debbie, Merry, Val, Susan, Mary Jo and my Louie; Rick & Rob; Tim Summer for getting us started; Broussard's Grocery; Uncle Mike Gresham for loaning us his beautiful boat for ... ever; Steve and Christopeher; The YaYa's; Aunt Leslie, Bonnie Quinn, Nancy Farnsworth, June Lowery, Sue Boagni, Jeanette Moore & Dianne B for being so sweet to us; Dr. Laurie Glaser & the super staff at Peter Glaser's Dental; N.O. Musician's Clinic, whew!; Continental Drifters, Dr. Antonie Ky; Jonno for the ankle healing; Bryan Barry for being our managers for that day; Shanker, wherever you are; Mark Bryan for his enthusism, friendship & joie de vivre; John Adair for the efforts; Trina Shoemaker for being our "meant to be"; Curry Weber for being our other "meant to be: ... Y'all were perfect; All hail the Krewe of Bikkbus! and finally to my dear, sweet brothers - Bill, Bob, Barry, John, Paul, and Richard: I love you all so much ..."it was so fun and it was so good."

Dedicated To Steve and Wish Nails With Love

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