Covered In Vinyl Volume 2 Liner Notes

As Is

Covered In Vinyl 2 - November 2009

What you are about to hear is a compilation of 6 Covered in Vinyl performances recorded over the last 3 years. These are authentic live recordings, presented here as they were performed live at Carrollton Station. We left the "mistakes" in so you can hear the beauty & spontaneity that can result from "failing" to execute a song as intended. So, go ahead, be human . . . and Enjoy! We did!

All songs recorded at Carrollton Station, New Orleans, LA, by Jeff Peters, our dedicated Follower of Fashion soundman. Occasional soundman support is by our impassioned Pete Winkler (Follower of Fashion/Max's dad/Ninas husband). Pushing the limits of the sound envelope is our loved "I ain't wearin' no costume, bitches," Jimmy Robinson.

All CIV shows produced by Susan and Russ. CD is produced by Russ, mixed by Bob Andrews. Album artwork & graphic design by Mark Fowler. "Covered in Vinyl" created by Susan, Russ, & Eric Orlando. Special mention goes to Jenny Orlando for coining the phrase "Covered in Vinyl."

We cannot thank our core CIV band enough for their consistent willingness to put themselves through what it takes to perform a different album nearly every month with us. We love you Pete & Jimmy R. To all those musicians who have stepped in to guest with us, thank you for your effort, heart, and talent. Each and every CIV show is a unique & beautiful experience that we cherish. Y'all make it so. We are incredibly grateful & fortunate to live in this beautiful city with y'all.

Thank you. We appreciate & recognize Nick & Miranda for your never ending support & tolerance of the monthly rehearsals below your bedrooms, the occasional missed family dinners, and the sometimes inappropriate "lullabies." Walk This Way! Thank you too, Miss Carol our lovely neighbor who we are convinced is an angel right here on earth.

2nd to last but definitely not least, we thank Eric & Jenny Orlando for keeping the Station alive and well. Heart, city, home. Yeah, you right!

And finally, to y'all who pay your hard earned f**** dollars to get a shot of music-love, we humbly thank you for keeping our music alive. As Barry once said, "To you, I do bow."

Sing a Simple Song & Dance To The Music
S. Steward, Wagner-Tamerlane Pub / OBO Mijac Music

Walk This Way
S. Tyler/J.Perry, Music of Stage Three
Deam On
S.Tyler, Music of Stage Three
Sweet Emotion
S. Tyler/T. Hamilton Music of State Three
Remember Walking in the Sand,
G. Morton, Carbert Music, Inc.

Starman, Ziggy Stardust & Rock and Roll Suicide
D. Bowie, Screen Gems - EMI Music, Inc

You're No Good
C. Ballard, Beardog Publishing Co.
Faithless Love
J. D. Souther, EMI Blackwood Music, Inc.

Thunder Road
B. Springsteen, EMI Publishing

She Said, She Said
Lennon/McCartney, Sony/ATV Tunes
G. Harrison Sony/ATV Tunes

1. Sing a Simple Song 4:18
2. Dream On 4:20
3. Thunder Road 5:28
4. Starman 4:38
5. Walk This Way 3:49
6. Dance to the Music 5:11
7. Taxman 3:57
8. Ziggy Stardust 3:17
9. Faithless Love 3:20
10. Sweet Emotion 5:31
11. Rock and Roll Suicide 3:00
12. You're No Good 4:15
13. She Said She Said 3:21
14. Remember (Walking in the Sand) 5:39

Susan Cowsill: vocals & acoustic guitar on all
Russ Broussard: drums & percussion on all, some vocals
Pete Winkler: bass guitar on all, vocals
Jimmy Robinson: electric guitar & vocals except Sly
Derek Huston: saxophones on BTR & Sly
Janson Lohmeyer: keys & vocals on Heart & BTR
Jonnny Sansone: harp & vocals on BTR & Sly
Jimmy Carpenter: tenor sax on Sly
Bill Davis: vocals & guitar on Revolver
Sue Ford: vocals & percussion on Sly
John Gros: vocals & keys on Sly
Caleb Guittotte: vocals & guitar on Revolver
Alex McMurray: vocals & guitar on Aerosmith
Paul Sanchez: vocals & guitar on BTR
June Yamagishi: guitar on Sly
Photo Dennis Gardner

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