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Continental Drifters
February 3, 1995
The Tampa Times
Tampa, Florida

The Continental Drifters are a conglomeration of ‘80s power pop semi-stars (and ‘60s child star Susan Cowsill), playing low-key country rock covers and originals. The band formed around dBs leader Peter Holsapple, who got various friends together to play jam night in Los Angeles. The lineup solidified, and most members have relocated to New Orleans.

Highlights include Cowsill’s vocal on bassist Mark Walton’s “Get Over It,” ex-Bangle Vicki Peterson’s sparkling cover of Mike Nesmith’s “Some of Shelly’s Blues,” and a new Holsapple song, “Invisible Boyfriend.”

Low points are Carlo Nuccio’s two mainstream originals and the Drifters’ Band-style take on Pat McLaughlin’s “Highway of the Saints.” - Mike O’Neill

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