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Terrell's Tune Up
May 14, 1993
The Santa Fe New Mexican
Santa Fe, New Mexico

A lot of folks thought the music industry was taking a major turn for the weird back in 1990 when Sonic Youth was signed to a major company.

. . .

Center of the Universe by Giant Sand

. . .

Even if this were not one truly remarkable record, it would be something of a milestone just for answering the question, “Whatever happened to Susie Cowsill?”

She’s right here, nostalgia buffs, part of a vocal duo called The Psycho Sisters (with former Bangle Vicki Peterson.) Yes, the pre-teen tyke whose biggest contribution to rock history was singing the line And Spaghetti! In The Cowsills’ cover of Hair is one this album singing stuff like, It was then when love turned from wonder and lust to just sin.

Wonder, lust and sin abound in Center of the Universe.

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