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Patients: Across U.S., 57K vets waited more than 90 days
June 10, 2014
The New Mexican
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Richard Cowsill of Rio Rancho, a 65-year-old Vietname veteran with stage-four lung cancer, said he's glad a spotlight is being shined on the VA. He said his wife had to fight for him to receive authorization to get the treatment he needed outside the VA system after waiting weeks to see an onocologist.

"They put my life in jeopardy," Cowsill said.

The decorated veteran did three tours in Vietnam and was exposed to Agent Orange. He was among those who shared their stories during a town hall last weekend with Lujan Grisham, and he wants other veterans to push for care outside the VA system.

"It's not about me, it's not about them. It's about our brothers and sisters. We have to get them free from that place," he said Monday. "We were able to pull it off and now we have a team of doctors and we feel so safe and we feel so good."

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