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Modern Rockers Put Their Spin On '60s Faves
July 15, 1999
The Montclair Times
Montclair, New Jersey

“It may be a find line to say we’re not an oldies show, but we’re not” said Montclair’s Jeanne Stahlman of her upcoming New York City musical extravaganza, “The Beat Goes On, Volume 4 Presents: Hullabaloo.” The fourth of such annual shows, which premiers this Friday at New York City’s Bottome Line, is styled after the 1965-66 television music show, “Hullabaloo.” It seeks to blend the atmosphere of the 1960s into a very contemporary flavor by having modern musicians strut their stuff in covers of ‘60s tunes.

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Artists also include Vicki Petersen (formerly of the Bangles), Susan Cowsill (formerly of The Cowsills, now of Continental Divide), and Peter Holzapfel, former drummer of the dBs (who is married to Susan Cowsill). Also included are singer/songwriter Freed Johnston, Martha Wainright (Joan Jett’s guitarist), Dick Manitoba, Steve Wynn, Ricky Byrd, Keyboardist Joy Askew, Carlton Smith and the Pristeens.

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