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The Airplane Is Up Again
August 31, 1968
The Morning Call
Paterson, New Jersey

The Cowsills may not be superstars yet, but they’re capable of growing, as each of their three albums has attested. Their newest on the MGM label – “Captain Sad and His Ship of Fools” – breaks some new ground. It features four tunes written by one or more members of the family, and the soloists are identified, so we know who’s doing what.

What they do is often low-keyed and quite good. Example: “The Bridge,” which features Barbara Cowsill as vocalist, is a plea for understanding made even more urgent by recent events. There’s also some music for dancers, like the rollicking “Indian Lake,” and admirers of the Beatles’ direction will like “The Fantasy World of Harry Faversham.” All in all, a pleasing effect.

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