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'Special' for Buddy Ebsen
November 16, 1968
The Herald-News
Passic, New Jersey

Buddy Ebsen sings and dances in “A Family Thing” musical special starring the singing Cowsill family to be colorcast on Channel 4 Saturday, Nov. 23.

Ebsen serves as narrator of the show to introduce the musical Cowsills and also appears in a rare song-and-dance routine with nine-year-old Susan Cowsill.

While he is perhaps best known today as the non-musical star of “The Beverly Hillbillies,” Ebsen won his first Broadway role in 1928 as a dancer in the Ziegfeld production of “Whoopee” starring Eddie Cantor.

He subsequently formed a dance team with his sister, and Vilma and Buddy Ebsen toured the nation and appeared in several Hollywood films.

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