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Jason Alexander series hits new comedy notes
October 17, 2017
The Atlanta Constitution
Atlanta, Georgia

LOS ANGELES – “Hit the Road,” the new AT&T Audience Network series from Jason Alexander, is a blend of the off-beat craziness of “Seinfield” with the musical beat of “The Partridge Family.” The Swallows – the greatest band you’ve never heard of – are a chaotically dysfunctional family of would-be pop stars traveling the country in search of their big break. They may just get that opportunity if they can survive living in a cramped tour bus where dignity is just a word in the dictionary.

It’s obvious from the bird-like name of the family that “The Partridge Family” was a big part of the conversation when Alexander was trying to get the show on the road. But he was also influenced by the real-life family bands such as the Cowsills, Jacksons and Osmonds.

“They’re just great fodder for comedy,” Alexander says. “You have real life people experiencing real life challenges and traumas and joys, and trying to grow, and, at the same time, every time they get an opportunity, it’s all smiles, and this has to be perfect. And God forbid, we don’t look wholesome and decent in Americana, the whole thing could crash and burn.

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