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Blue Shadows
March 31, 1994
Star Phoenix
Waskatoon, Saskatchewan Province, Canada

Blue Shadows, the Vancouver rockiní country quartet that blew into town Saturday night, delivered an incendiary set that put to shame some of the less exciting but major hyped pseudo-country acts that command big dollars to play at SaskPlace.

Veterans Billy Cowsill and Jeffrey Hatcher and their songs are as country as anything coming out of Nashville. They delivered an incendiary mix of tunes form their inaugural recording, On The Floor Of Heaven, with exquisite covers; Joni Mitchellís Raised On Robbery to Smokey Robinsonís You Really Got A Hold On Me.

Cowsill and Hatcherís vocal gymnastics recalled the soaring harmonies of the Everly Brothers and the crystal-clear high harmonies found in bluegrass country.

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