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Cowsills make the scene at Indian Lake
July 8, 2011
Lima News
Lima, Ohio


The Cowsills, (l to r) Bob, Barry, Paul, Richard, Susan and John, are among the acts performing at the 5th annual Party at the Beach on Saturday at Indian Lake. While only three of the members perform together, they are joined by other family members to play the songs that took them to national fame.

INDIAN LAKE – Indian Lake is a scene you should make with your little one.

If that song lyric sounds familiar, head to Old Field beach on Saturday where The Cowsills will perform their blast-from-the-past hits at Party at the Beach.

“They’ve never played here before,” explained Pam Miller, executive director of the Indian Lake Chamber of Commerce. “We’ve wanted to get them, but they were too expensive. One day I had a gentleman walk into our office and he said he’d listened to the Cowsills on the way over and wanted to pay for them to come here.”

Bob Cowsill says this isn’t the first time the family band has been to Indian lake.

“That song was released in the spring of 1968, and that summer we were touring everywhere. We were driving through Ohio, and I remember it was the middle of the night and we stopped at Indian Lake in our tour bus to sleep. I just remember a big arch, but we never got out,” Cowsill said in a phone interview with The Lima News.

But Saturday, they plan to sing when they stop.

“This is the first time we’ve ever sung Indian lake at an Indian lake, and there are a number of Indian lakes around the country,” Cowsill said.

When the song was written by Tony Romeo for an Indian Lake in upstate New York, Cowsill said the song “is one that everybody owns, which is cool.”

The family band, formed in the spring of 1965, was the inspiration for the 1970s TV show, “The Partridge Family.” Throughout their career they had four songs hit the Top 10 on the charts, including Indian lake.

These days, three of the members, Bob, Susan and Paul, take time out from their separate careers to tour together. Brothers Bill and Barry, as well as mother Barbara are deceased.

“As adults we still have a lot of fun. The passion for music is in our DNA, it’s how we were raised. We have our most fun when we’re on stage connecting with each other,” Cowsill said.

Brother John, who serves as drummer for The Beach Boys, hopes to join the band. “He’s wanted to play Indian Lake also. He said if he’s anywhere near, he will try to pop in,” Cowsill said.

And while the crown will enjoy the oldies played by the Cowsills, they can also dance in the sand to The Indoorfins and The Menus.

“These are all popular bands. I’ve phone has been ringing off the hook with people interested in coming to this. This is going to be great,” Miller said.

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