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Saturday Night
November 25, 1968
The Times
San Mateo, California

SATURDAY NGIHT, NBC came along with another delightful special. This time it was devoted to the talented Cowsill Family. This musical family is filled with attractive and talented young people.

The entire family seemed at ease in front of the NBC cameras. Buddy Ebsen, who has known success in a family act, came along to hand the show. It was nice to see him in a more confortable surrounding, but he really didn't lend much to this happy and entertaining family.

Some of the dialogue bits seemed a bit strained, but when they sang you forgot all this. Susan Cowsill, who did a solft shoe dance with Ebsen, is a little doll and will become a big star if she gets any amount of exposure.

We are told that this was really a tryout for the family. NBC has every intention of makin a series based on this group.

Mom Cowsill is a pretty smart gal herself and she is justly proud of her offspring. This shows all the time.

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