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New Angle For Two Bangles
Petersons branch out
January 4, 1996
Santa Cruz Sentinel
Santa Cruz, California


Debbi Peterson, like a lot of people, can’t believe a wave of ‘80s nostalgia has struck just halfway into the ’90.

. . .

Peterson’s sister Vicki who played guitar with the Bangles, is proud too. “I think it’s beautiful the way she and Siobhan sing,” Vicki Peterson said.

Vicki’s still making music, but has left the mainstream for an admired but still underground folk-rock band called the Continental Drifters. The swamp-rock Drifters don’t sound much like the Bangles, but they operate the way the Bangles used to: democratically.

Peterson sings lead on some Drifters songs. Susan Cowsill (yes, of THOSE Cowsills) sings lead on others. Cowsill’s husband, Peter Holsapple (formerly with the dBs), sings too. So does drummer Carlo Nuccio. All four of them also write songs, as does bassist Mark Walton.

. . .

Vicki, meanwhile, is writing and recording with Cowsill alone as well as the Drifters. That collaboration is called the Psycho Sisters.

“It’s twisted pop music about extremely dysfunctional relationships,” Vicki said.

. . .

The Continental Drifters, meanwhile, have stuck with small, independent record companies. The Drifters released a self-titled disc on Monkey Hill, a New Orleans-based label owned by friends. And the band contributed a song to a Hollies tribute album called “Sing Hollies In Reverse” (Eggbert Records).

They’ve talked to majoy labels, but Vicki learned as a Bangle that despite such notable exceptions as the Beatles and Fleetwood mac, major labels have problems with bands that feature multiple lead singers.

The Continental Drifters, who recently opened some shows for Hootie and the Blowfish are doing well enough for Vicki to be recognized for her current work – sometimes.

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