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Roots and Country
September 11, 2010
Winnipeg Free Press
Winnipeg, Canada

The Blue Shadows
On the Floor of Heaven Deluxe Edition (Bumstead)

This radiant 1993 country group of the year Juno-winning album is ripe for reissue. Borne by the charming Everly Brothers-esque harmonies of Winnipegger Jeffrey Hatcher and the late, great Billy Cowsill, this rocking roots-a-billy combo came and went all too soon considering where country music has limped since their untimely demise.

Blame the music industry or fault the indifference of buyers or even the band at the time; OTFOH is absolutely one of the best independent Canadian country-rock albums ever produced, able to stand impeccably on its musical merits with the highest regard. Virtually every track is a jewel of songwriting skill from the hands of Hatcher and Cowsill and obvious winners include If I Were You, Deliver Me, The Embers and Is Anybody Here.

Toss in the eclectic bonus material and it becomes a must-buy item. High praise? Maybe, but give it a spin and you too may find yourself happily on the proverbial listener's floor of heaven.

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