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Promising Promises and Falling Out Of The Sky: Conversations With Jon McLaughlin and The dBs' Peter Holsapple
May 18, 2012
Huffington Post

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MR: Now, you were married to Susan Cowsill and made music together.

PH: That's right. Susan and I had the Continental Drifters for about ten years, and we were married for about ten years, and we have a daughter who is getting ready to graduate from high school. Susan is still a very close friend. It was one of those marriages where we were better served with different partners. Her husband Russ Broussard is a great guy. He was the drummer for the Continental Drifters. I'm remarried as well and have a couple more children. We're still fantastic friends, and I'm like you. I'm a huge fan of her singing, without a doubt. I think she's the best female singer going in the country, maybe the world, at this point, and I hope that at some point, the world will catch on. I think it's people like Norma Waterson, who was in her sixties, to put out a solo record. It's a situation where you don't want people to miss out on this, so it's up to us.

It's like the people that used to get dBs records into their college radio station, their own copies, because they weren't getting serviced by European labels, but their records got played, you know? People made mix tapes and got us on there, and it's the same thing with Susan. People should be sitting up on their hind legs and listening to every note she sings because they're all incredibly glorious. And her solo records are splendid, and I'm proud of the work we did together in the Continental Drifters.

MR: Yeah, and by the way, just as a parting word or two on The Cowsills. They had an album called Global. Of course, you're aware of it.

PH: I'm on that!

MR: My favorite song on the album is one called "Some Good Years," which is especially touching considering the band's history.

PH: Bob did a lot of the parts. I'm not sure who all the personnel was on that, but that is a beautiful song, and I agree with you. It's poignant, and it's true to life, and it's everything you would hope for.

MR: Yeah, and the unofficial video that went with that just showing all the footage of them as kids and the shows and all that. It's a very touching song. It was almost like, "Take that, Beach Boys!" No, not really...

PH: They were connected with The Beach Boys. Billy Cowsill was good friends with Brian Wilson, and John Cowsill, I actually just saw this weekend playing drums for the 50th anniversary tour, the 50th reunion when they played in Raleigh. It's the genetic harmony thing... having them all singing. It's a beautiful thing. We really miss Barry Cowsill and Billy Cowsill a lot. Barry was my first intro to the family. I worked with him for several years, and what an incredibly talented guy! And Billy also had a life after The Cowsills with "Blue Northern" and the Blue Shadows, and The Co-Dependents. He did all sorts of wonderful stuff as well.

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