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Band pokes fun at past pop culture
May 24, 1991
the Medicine Hat News
Medicine Hat, Canada

If the Manson Family mated with the Partridge Family, the bratty result might be something like Redd Kross.

The musical family of sorts included two brothers Jeffrey and Steven McDonald, who were already recording and touring professionally while their peers were still trying to forge hall passes.

Though the lineup – and occasionally the moniker – has changed through the years, the McDonalds have always maintained a healthy and dark sense of humor concerning the 1960s and ‘70s popular culture that spawned them.

Since their first six-song EP in 1980, collaboraters have included Danny Bonaduce (a member of The Partridge Family who recently made the news for allegedly beating up a transvestite prostitute); Susan Cowsill (who graces Third Eye, Redd Kross’ current LP) and David Cassidy (with whom the McDonalds star in a soon-on-video movie called Spirit of ’76).

. . .

As for the linkup with Susan Cowsill, the woman whose family inspired the creation of the Partridge Family has been “friends for a while” with the McDonalds.

“The Cowsills were the greatest harmony group ever,” Jeffrey enthused. “And we’ve known Susan for about six years. We just asked her to sing with us and she wanted to. You know, they’ve gotten back together and are blowing minds in Los Angeles looking for a record deal.”

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