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Cowsills to perform in rare reunion
August 10, 2011
News Press
Fort Myers, Florida


The Cowsills, as they appeared in the late 1960s.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – They got their start playing frat parties at Brown University and doing gigs at school dances and church gatherings in Newport. They covered Beatles songs on Bannister’s Wharf, which was fitting enough. They hoped to be the next Fab Four: Bill, Bob, Barry and John.

Later, three more family members, including their mother, would round out the fresh-faced clan - The Cowsills – whose harmonies would climb to the top of the pop music charts.

Surviving members of the group that enjoyed a meteoric rise in the 1960s - the Cowsills would server as the inspiration for the TV show “The Partridge Family” – are scheduled to perform this evening in Providence. It’s a rare on-stage reunion in the state where they saw their beginnings.

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