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A Farewell to Maxwell’s, in Reminiscences
by Todd Abramson
July 30, 2013
New York Times
New York, New York


Maxwell’s, the feisty little club in Hoboken, N.J., will close on Wednesday after 35 years. In that time, just about every indie-rock and alternative-rock band has played there, from the Feelies to R.E.M. to Sonic Youth. Todd Abramson has been a near-constant presence since the mid-’80s, first as a booker and then as a part owner. Mr. Abramson, 51, left, has booked more than 200 gigs a year. He reflects fondly here on some memorable moments:

. . .

The Cowsills in 1991
This might have been the most transcendent show I ever witnessed at Maxwell’s. I had never paid much attention to the family singing group with 1960s pop hits like “Indian Lake,” so I was taken aback when it tore it up. The energy and love in the room was unbelievable. The band did the old hits, some great new material and a killer version of “Going Down to Liverpool.” I tried booking it a few times after this show, and it never worked out, which might have been for the best.

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