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Not Big Or Easy
August 27, 2010
The LA Times
Los Angeles, California

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Folk-rock singer Susan Cowsill tours to promote her new album, “Lighthouse,” because she has to. “I can’t make a living playing one gig a month at Carrollton Station,” Cowsill says. “Playing over and over and over again in town is like having baby showers on your seventh kid, but that’s not really an option because the gigs just aren’t there.”

With two school-age children, Cowsill and her husband, drummer Russ Broussard, have had to take outside work to make ends meet, and they recorded “Lighthouse” with the assistance of the fan-funded Threadhead Records. He plays drums with other bands in town, she paints houses, and they’ll occasionally do a Bourbon Street date with friends. She also a part of the Cowsills, who recorded “Hair,” and she and Broussard join her brothers for Cowsills shows. Still, when they got behind on their rent, they had to turn to Sweet Home New Orleans for help.

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