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Kiddie Pop: Raffi It's Not, But Just What Is It Anyway?
August 21, 1999
New York Times
New York, New York

The sound of young girls screaming has been a main energy source in pop since bobby-soxers greeted the dawn of rock-and-roll. It is amusing to watch music industry moguls and pundits fall all over themselves “discovering” that prepubescents get infatuated with prettily packaged crooners like the Backstreet Boys: just another case of short memories making things seem new.

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Alternative rock bands are also cultivating the children’s market. Bis, a Scottish band whose members are 19 and 20, created the theme song for the Cartoon Network’s Powerpuff Girls show. It was a natural leap for a group that regularly uses superhero imagery to promote it bright, whimsical rock. And the brothers Mark and Clay Harper have written two musical children’s stories with the help of underground rock veterans like the Velvet Underground drummer Moe Tucker, the punk icon Wreckless Eric, Cindy Wilson of the B=52’s, and Susan Cowsill, a former teen-age artist herself.

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