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I <3 the Cowsills
by Mike Nipper
December 28, 2011
The Stranger
Seattle, Washington

I love the Cowsills. Um, if you don't know 'em they were a big family from Rhode Island who became a band. Yeah, so they all played together, mom included, and are said to have been the inspiration for the television show The Partridge Family. They were relatively successful in the late '60s with a few Top 40 hits, "The Rain The Park & Other Things," "Indian Lake," and "Hair." Over time the older family members/players were, well, older and being musicians were well turned on, so by 1971 were weaving a few underground threads through their music. Dig the slightly-delic West Coast guitar there as the song ends...sheesh.

The album this track is from, On My Side, along with it's predecssor IIxII , were both purposely leaning away from their teen pop sound, tho' still solid pop. Like the Grassroots, had the Cowsills stuck together instead of fracturing, with the remnants performing as an oldies actóbut pushed forward like other harmony pop groups of that time, I'd bet they would'a evolved into cool power-pop group. I know I'm dreaming but...maybe they could'a squeezed out at least ONE solid '70s power pop record. Their playing and harmonies were top class. They reformed in the late '80s and issued a great album, Global, but no one gave a s*(^...

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