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Susan Cowsill - Lighthouse
by Eric Feber
May 3, 2010
Hampton Roads
Hampton Roads, Virginia

Susan Cowsill’s latest celebrates life and the slow rebuilding of her home New Orleans while eulogizing the deaths of brothers Billy and Barry, who passed away just months apart in 2005. And yes, she was that little moppet in The Cowsills, that real life Partridge Family of Beatles wannabes.

She’s all grown up now, possessing a powerful, slightly dusky soprano voice and keen songwriting skill.

With help from Jackson Browne and her remaining brothers on harmonies, Cowsill eloquently and passionately sings of her personal losses and the struggles and triumphs of the Crescent City. Her accessibly melodic songs are delivered in folk-rock, Celtic and country-pop arrangements, ranging from spirited full-band rockers to melancholy ballads illuminated by strings and acoustic backing.

On “Lighthouse,” Cowsill steps out of the shadows of her family’s band and tragedies to deliver a triumphant record of sweet and bittersweet music.

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