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From Child Star to Pop Icon John Cowsill Gets Around!
John Cowsill has a history from Childhood Star, Musician, Actor, and so much more!
Cowsill now with the Beach Boys on Tour, interviewed by AJ Wachtel for Rock Hard Magazine USA a great look at the Man, his talent, and history!

April 10, 2012

John Cowsill has been an American musician since he was a young child. He was a singer and drummer in his siblings band The Cowsills. He was also a member of the one hit wonder band Tommy Tutone, known for their hit 867-5309/Jenny.

The Cowsills were an American singing group from Newport, Rhode Island. They specialized in harmonies and the ability to sing and play music at an early age. They were the inspiration for the 1970s television show The Partridge Family.

Cowsill is currently the drummer and vocalist for the Beach Boys. He joined the group in 2000 playing the keyboards, and in 2008 he moved to the drums

Rock Hard Magazine USA Managing Editor states "to have asked this artist for an interview with him agreeing was an honor in itself, having the history in the music and acting business that John has had with success and dignity makes it even greater, he is funny, talented, and and with the Beach Boys!" "Music and the business has many factors and a lot of interesting and important history, in part we are working to keep that alive as well!"

Jeff Lawrence Radio Legend WODS CBS Boston and the Mill Manchester NH said "Known him as a Cowsill while a youngster - always in amazement with John and the family, knowing each and everyone of them would go on to great things, including the Beach Boys how cool is that? More great memories being made. I cannot wait to see this show!"

"What a life, what a story! From John's early days as child with his family the Cowsill's and their being the inspiration for the Partridge Family, Jan & Dean and even a bit of 867-5309 Jenny that's right, in the pocket, drumming/back vocals on that great hit. Now he is with the Beach Boys most people only dream these things - John Cowsill; multi-talented, legend in the BIZZ. ROCK - ON!!" Mike Doran Big Boss - World Entertainment Group

The Story - John Cowsill Get's Around by AJ Wachtel

Rock Hard Magazine and Rock Hard Magazine USA are pleased to have AJ Wachtel share his talents the story on International Solo Recording and Performing Artist Jimi Jamison - Thunder and Lightning and the late Legend Brad Delp's Last Verse as well as others.

For Beach Boys Information also please note that the Beach Boys will be at the Mohegan Sun on May 12th (sold out) and May 13th!

John Cowsill and Official Beach Boy Information -

Special thanks to John Cowsill and the Beach Boys as well as AJ Wachtel and the staff at Rock Hard Magazines!

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