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Cowsill Came Home
October 15, 1993
Daily News
New York, New York

Remember the Cowsills, the family that put the “dys” in dysfunctional families? First, they gave the world three Top 10 hits, appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show” a few zillion times, and even had their own NBC specials.

Well, then you’ll also remember that their great big tour bus took a little detour down the road of drugs, alcoholism and parental abuse before it was the chic talk-show topic. The family – not just the group – disbanded, sued one another and now, according to a source, hate each other no end.

After years of not hearing a single note from them, big brother Bill has gone country and Western with a new album called “On the Floor of Heaven.” We hear that Bill and his band, the Blue Shadows, have signed a deal with Sony, Canada – which is great, of course, if you’re a fan and live in Canada. But if you’re like us and have opted not to make the 4 ½ hour commute, you can’t get a copy of the album unless you call a special 800 number that, quite frankly, we don’t know. But not to worry. We see this album, being pitched on an infomercial real soon alongside the wonderful hair in a can.

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