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Louie Anderson 'Family' Man
August 11, 1999
Daily News
New York, New York

Comic Louie Anderson, who has drawn much material from his dysfunctional childhood, says “my therapy and my life” have moved in a decidedly upbeat direction. “I’ve been working on having a more serendipitous, happy life than where I came from, and I’ve focused on being outside of myself.” Anderson has his new version of “Family Feud” debuting in syndication Sept. 20, and he adds: “The show came along at just the right time – it’s a light, fun show to do.” In that light vein, he’s talking about putting together a big kick-off party for the show – with invitees including real-life show-biz families “like the Osmonds, the Nelsons, the Jacksons, maybe the Cowsills.”

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