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Assignment: Ukiah - I was wrong about that, along wtih a few hundred other things
January 28, 2018
Daily Journal
Ukiah, California

Here is a short list, very, of things I used to think were true or smart, or else dumb and idiotic, but that I now see as the opposite. Who was that moron anyway?

There was a time, and it lasted a decade or so, when I had lots of narrow, rigid opinions, and perhaps the silliest had to do with pop music. When everybody else was stupid and I was king, cool music was ‘heavy’ and ‘far-out’ and psychedelic.

The Beatles were cool, the Cowsills were not. The Rolling Stones rocked the world, Tommy James and the Shondells rocked the cash registers. The Carpenters rocked my mother and some of my aunts.

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