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How two parks enhance a Geneva neighborhood
August 14, 2017
Daily Herald
Arlington Heights, Illinois

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The Cowsills?:


It seems fairly common that a song can get stuck inside of one's head and stay there for some time. But it would also seem that such a song would be stuck in the head of a person who originally liked that song, its singer or band.

So it was somewhat mysterious that I found my brain bamboozled with "Rain, the Park and Other Things" by The Cowsills.

This is a band I never gave much thought to during its heydays, but some friends saw The Cowsills in concert a few years ago at both the Arcada Theatre in St. Charles and the Paramount Theatre in Aurora. They came back raving about how great they still sounded.

So, even though I leaned toward The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, The Who and that sort of ilk in the late 1960s, I certainly realize that The Cowsills, some of whom sadly have gone on to meet their maker, were fine singers. I would not hesitate to seem them in a concert.

The song popped up while listening to my Cryan' Shames station on Pandora, and my first impression was that this is a catchy tune -- one that I somewhat recall.

But it stayed in my head. And it stayed and stayed.

Think I'm crazy? Hop on YouTube and watch the young Cowsills belt out this tune -- and see what happens.

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