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Redd Kross a wildly amalgamated blast from past
October 12, 1993
Chicago Tribune
Chicago, Illinois

Like a lot of kids who grew up in the ‘70s, Jeff and Steven McDonald of Hawthorne, Calif, actually enjoyed the tissue-thin pleasures proffered by the Cowsills and the Partridge Family.

They also soaked up the rocked-up glam of David Bowie and Gary Glitter, and reveled in the showmanship of Kiss and the power of Black Sabbath. When the McDonalds finally formed their own band, they were an opening act for punk purists Black Flag.

The glorious grab-bag of a past explained most of what happened Sunday at Lounge Ax when the McDonalds brought the latest incarnation of Redd Kross to town.

There’s a certain irony involved in melding the Cowsills’ innocent harmonies with the bottom-heavy crunch of Black Sabbath, and it wasn’t lost on the McDonalds. By rummaging around in the junk-culture attic, Redd Kross albums and concerts often flirt with camp.

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