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Was I playing iTunes - or was iTunes playing me?
by Barbara Brotman
September 12, 2011
Chicago Tribune
Chicago, Illinois


The Cowsills? Are you kidding?

Itís all over now, my little battle with iTunes, and Iím not even sure who won. Though considering that the iTunes Store, App Store and iBookstore took in $1.4 billion in the three months ending in June, I have a sneaking suspicion.

It started when I began fuming recently at online recommendations, those mathematically derived suggestions that use our buying histories and other peopleís to try to predict what we might like.

. . .

But then the recommendations turned ugly.

The Cowsills.
The Cowsills? Are you kidding?

. . .

However, in my Cowsills-induced horror, or maybe it was the pinot, I had forgotten the original game. I was supposed to be playing iTunes, but iTunes was playing me. I had spent $33.69 in a single night just to persuade an online store that I am not a Cowsills person.

. . .

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