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Between dead end and oncoming train
July 26, 2011
Chicago Tribune
Chicago, Illinois

As the possible collapse of the debt ceiling sends the threats of another economic disaster hurtling around the bend, Eclipse Theatre Company’s season devoted to the plays of Naomi Wallace continues with her elliptical portrait of small town Appalachian life during the Great Depression.

“The Trestle at Pop Lick Creek” is where two teenagers, tomboyish Pace Creagan (played by Marissa Cowsill) and impressionable Dalton Chance (Matt Farabee), conduct a dangerous kinda-sorta courtship. . . .

. . .

Director Jonathan Berry has shown a deft gift in the past with character-rich stories of quiet desperation, most notably with the plays of British writer Simon Stephens. But at points, he seems flummoxed as to how to infuse Wallace’s image-rich but somewhat airless tale with the same sense of urgency Pace has for running the bridge. His cast, particularly Cowsill’s defiant Pace, Farabee’s yearning Dalton and Marker’s bowed-but-not-beaten Gin, all have moments here that shine a poignant light in the dark sadness surrounding the characters. . . .

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