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TV Show Creator (The Mulqueens)
February 28, 2016
Chicago Tribune
Chicago, Illinois

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The Mulqueens took their dance party to fledgling UHF state WCIU, which offered a black-and-white mix of bullfighting, foreign-language programming, NBA basketball and a 15-minute sports show hosted by Olympic great Jesse Owens. The station’s studio was a cramped space in the Chicago Board of Trade Building.

“They would jam the kids into the building – not that it was much better at Channel 7,” museum archivist Jajkowski said.

Still, record labels sent stars – including Glen Campbell, Roger Miller, Lesley Gore, Frankie Valli and the Cowsills – and local rock heroes, including the New Colony Six. A clip of that band’s “Kiddie-A-Go-Go” appearance has been viewed more than 1000,000 times on YouTube.

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