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Cowsills kick off Summer's Last Blast in Vernon
August ??, 2010
Wichita Falls, Texas


Show time is just a few hours away and Bob Cowsill is shining up his guitar after wrapping up a quick afternoon sound check. Earlier he and his siblings, Paul, and Susan, were putting the finishing touches on their rehearsal. The Cowsills have belted out tunes since the mid sixties, for those in the audience at Wilbarger County Memorial Auditorium, it was a musical trip back in time.

"We do a lot of fun songs from back in the 60's and our own hits and a few surprises and of course susan our sister is a great songstress and a great writer in her own right and we do high light some of her material," Bob Cowsill says.

Even though the Cowsills have entertained audiences all over the world, they say there is something special about this Texoma town.

"It's great to be in Vernon because you know it's not a big major city, you know, and I think that these guys are really going to have a lot of fun tonight and hopefully they're seeing something they wouldn't normally see here in Vernon," Paul Cowsill says.

While Paul takes a few extra minutes to tune the old guitar before taking a break, across town some entirely different tuning is underway. Sherman Kennedy is making one final check of his 1929 rat rod before tomorrows big day.

"We're going to sit here and watch everybody else and when it cools down a little bit we're going to get in there and get amongst all of them as you know it gets a little warm," Sherman Kennedy says.

Organizers say there will be about 100 cars in this years show, and a show it will be. Saturday morning at ten is the burnout competition followed by more displays and parties, officials say all of it is worth attending.

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