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Clinton's Musical Taste Stops in the Carter Era: The Boomers' Ball
January 17, 1993
New York Times
New York, New York

WASHINGTON, Jan 16 - There ha been a lot of loud talk this week about Bill Clinton slip-sliding away from his campaign promises. But on one major issue, he has drawn a line in the sand: His taste in pop culture.

. . .

But despite all the talk about the New Generation by the first political ticket who came of age with anti-establishment rock and roll of the '60s, there is a sneaking suspicion that this White House will comprise the sort of grinds who stayed in the library studying when the entire campus emptied out for a concert by Jimi Hendrix or The Doors.

"Maybe Hillary had a collection of 45's, but I bet she had a lot of Cowsills in there," said Robert Morton, the producer of "Late Night With David Letterman." . . .

(Personal note from bap: In the Cliton Library in Little Rock there is a section of CD's of music President Clinton listened to. I checked and - at least at that time - there were no Cowsill CD's there.)

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