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The Blue Shadows: Lucky To Me (Columbia)
May 28, 1995
Calgarey Herald
Calgary, Alberta

He was born to play that role, they say of an actor who finally lands that perfect part. Well, the same holds true for music. And for Jeffrey Hatcher and Billy Cowsill – the song-writing heart of The Blue Shadows – this is the role they were born for. With one disc already under their belt, the Vancouver-based group distills all its past and present inspirations and aspirations into one shining sound that roams like an unbridled horse through city streets and out into the open country. There’s the country feel that comes from decades of living in Western Canada, country filtered through a rock ‘n’ roll sensibility comparable to Blue Rodeo. There’s pop-rock, almost reminiscent of The Beatles brand of pop and then there’s those harmonies, a kind of Everly Brothers-pop combo sound. It’s all kept simple, lyrically so too, and heartfelt. The Blue shadows. Born to play. And never have they played better.

Rating: A

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