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Review: Happy Together Tour 2019
June 20, 2019
Conservative Daily News
City Unknown

I’ve just returned from seeing this year’s Happy Together Tour featuring The Cowsills, The Classics 1V, The Buckinghams, Gary Puckett, Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night, and Mark Volman of The Turtles and their regular Happy Together back-up band. Normally Howard Kaylan of the Turtles is with his partner Mark Volman but for the last two years now Howard has been ill with back surgery and heart surgery so his doctors advised him not to tour so Ron Dante of the Archies filled in for him. All these acts are well into their ’60s and ’70s and look and sound great just like they used to. Everyone is familiar with their songs and the audience joined in singing with them. As they perform, videos of them in their heyday appear in back of them.

Opening the show was The Cowsills. I’ve seen them many times with The Happy Together tour and they never fail to entertain. They are so lively and energetic. There are only three of them now, Susan and her two brothers Rob and Paul. Three other brothers have since passed away as did their mother and another brother now tours with The Beach Boys. Susan said the question they most get asked is “How was it touring with your mother?” and she replies that “Mom always gave them advice and sometimes she got in the way. They went through their hits of “The Rain, The Park and Other Things” “Indian Lake,” “Love American Style” and their big hit “Hair.”

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