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Group hopes to 'Bring Back Brudnoy'
August 1, 1990
Boston Herald
Boston, Massachusetts

WZLX promotions director Barry Scot went head-to-head on the radio with New York City bad boy Howard Stern last week and lived to tell about it.

Stern was miffed after reading a newswire article that named Scott as the driving force behind the recent reunion of the ‘70s bubble-gum band the Cowsills’ recent sold-out reunion concert at Zanzibar.

It seems Stern had a few Cowsills on his show three year ago and so he groused on the air that Scott was getting credit that wasn’t due.

So, Scott called Stern and got on the air.

“I basically told him that when he hosts a sold-out Cowsills concert in New York City, then he can take credit for that,” Scott said.

Stern was not amused.

“He proceeded to insult me,” Scott laughed. “In fact, he was pretty verbally abusive. But that’s his schtick.”

Poor Howard didn’t even get any satisfaction when he called Bob Cowsill.

He remembered Stern’s show three years ago but added it was Barry Scott who got the band national publicity and then arranged for the reunion concert. Score that Boston, 1, Big-Apple shock-jock 0.

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