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Boston Beat
June 29, 1990
Boston Herald
Boston, Massachusetts

It’s true. The Cowsills are getting back together, an event that for some of us raises the questions “who” and “why.”

The Partridge Family-like troupe’s first date together since 1971 happens Tuesday night at Zanzibar. The appearance was arranged by disc jockey Barry Scott, who hosts the weekly “Lost 45s” program on WZLX and a live version at the club every other Wednesday.

After interviewing brother Bob Cowsill last fall, Scott sent him a tape. Bob liked it so much he called the family together. They had been quarrelling for nearly two decades, an older brother had been thrown out, and mother Barbara Cowsill died in 1975. But at the get-together, the Cowsills decided their differences were petty and it was time to regroup.

Scott interviews the family on his show Sunday night. Tuesday’s 75-minute, “more rock ‘n’ roll” show will include “Hair,” “The Rain, the Park, and Other Things” and “Indian Lake.” Scott still sees a strong interest in the Cowsills’ music.

“It was ’60 pop, family-fun music. A lot of people seem to remember that and are nostalgic for a group like the Cowsills.”

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