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Susan Cowsill "Lighthouse" (Blue Rose Records 2010)
by Dan Wilkinson
August 21, 2010
Americana UK
United Kingdom

Post-Katrina recovery. Jackson Browne guests

Susan Cowsill first came to attention as an eight year old by appearing in the family group, The Cowsills. She subsequently joined The Continental Drifters before starting her solo career in 2005. However, tragedy was soon to follow when Cowsill’s brother Barry was taken by Hurricane Katrina.

So on to 2010 and Cowsill has now recovered sufficiently to release her second solo album, ‘Lighthouse’. Cowsill is a fine singer in the Lucinda Williams vein and her band is equally at home with ballads or mid tempo alt-country rockers.

Although there are several excellent songs contained within, the highlight of this album is hidden in the middle of the track listing. Cowsill gives a searing rendition of her lost brother’s song, ‘River of Love’ complete with soaring electric guitar by Waddy Wachtel.

‘Lighthouse’ makes it abundantly clear that Susan Cowsill is a song writer of some talent. She has made an album of great beauty, out of personal tragedy, that serves as a fitting tribute to those she has lost.

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