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'Cranberry Red Balloon' is music born of couple's love
November 9, 2011
Abbeville, Louisiana

(Note: This article is about Annie Kananack and Tab Laven)

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During her time in L.A., Annie had met a number of famous people, and she and her husband had become friends with John Cowsill, childhood member of the 1960’s band The Cowsills (the inspiration for “The Partridge Family” television series) and drummer for The Beach Boys since 2000.

Cowsill and the other Beach Boys became close with Annie and her sons, she said, particularly after the boys lost their father, and invited her and her family to their concerts when they were on tour in the area.

“John could not believe he had never introduced us before. He asked, ‘Have you met my wonderful incredibly single and available friend Annie?’ “ she recalled.

“It was like lightning struck, the clouds opened up and it was instant bliss,” Tab said of the meeting.

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