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Beach Boys singer Mike Love feeling good vibrations
October 26, 2017
Akron Beacon Journal
Akron, Ohio


Mike Love has been a Beach Boy or performed Beach Boys music for the build of his adult life and a chunk of his teen years.

Fifty-six years after the little SoCal family surf band formed in 1961 and changed popular music, the still-going group will bring songs from its storied catalog to the Akron Civic Theatre at 8 p.m. Friday.

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Today, Love, 76, is half a century into a career that won’t be slowing down anytime soon with the current Beach Boys lineup of Bruce Johnston, Scott Totten, Jeffrey Foskett, Brian Eichenberger, Tim Bonhomme and John Cowsill.

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Q. The current Beach Boys tour is dubbed the “Wild Honey” Tour. Are you all celebrating the songs on that (1967) album specifically, or is just because it’s the latest album to turn 50?

A. Brian had got with Van Dykes Park and did the Smile album … it was shelved for decades. So, we got together and I wrote the Wild Honey and the Darlin’, one called Aren’t You Glad on the Wild Honey album with my cousin, Brian, which was really fun to get back together … It was an R&B-influenced album, and I envisioned what would Stevie Wonder back in that day sound like singing [the title track Wild Honey] to his mom … And I think it’s a great record. … John Cowsill, our drummer … he’s amazing. He does it so fantastic on our show.

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