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C'mon get happy: '70s TV shows alive and well in re-runs
by Shelly Most
October 22, 1992
Oshkosh Advance Titan
Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Most of us, being products of the later Ď60s or early Ď70s grew up in the television era that wonít let re-runs die. And thatís not necessarily a bad thing since the Ď70s still continue to see a comeback two decades later.

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Some of the most popular stars of the seventies came from television sit-coms. The Partridge Family Ė Címon, admit it. Who didnít want to cruise around riding that funky psychedelic school bus with orange and fuschia curtains? It sure beat the classic big yellow ones or public transportation. And who wouldnít want to sing songs by the famed Cowsills? I canít help feeling bad for the Cowsills, it was their music but you didnít even see them. How unfair was that? Anyhow, this show launched the stardom of Partridge mom Shirley Jonesí real life step-son David Cassidy.

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