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What Every Girl Should Know by 16 Magazine

John Cowsill Asks ...

"Are You A Litterbug?"

The basic rule for being attractive to boys - and to other girls - is: be clean, be neat, be tidy. It's not enough iust to be clean; a girl can scrub herself pink and still be unappealing simply because she looks as if she threw herself into her clothes while running from a fire. And it's still not enough to look clean and trim if you make and leave a mess in the process of preparing yourself for school or a date. Because sooner or later a girl you hope will become your friend - or a boy you hope will become your own special guy - will see a mess you made (and left for someone else to clean up) and will put you down as the sloppy, lazy gitl you are!

It's so easy to be tidy there's no excuse for this. All you have to do is 1) have drawer and closet space in your bedroom for everything you use; 2 ) put everything back in its proper place as soon as you've finished with it. Your mother will love you for it - and you'll like yourself a lot better too!

"Are you A Litterbug?"

Becky: Better hurry, Penny - the guys are due in a minute ... Hey! This place looks like a disaster area! Let's tidy up!

Penny: Mom'll do it - you help me dress, Becky!

Becky: Why don't you put things away? It's just as easy as letting them lie all over the room!

Penny: Leave it to Mom - She's a whiz at tidying up - oop! That must be the boys!

Boy 1: Do you see what I see?

Boy 2: I see it - but I don't believe it!

Penny: Oh Becky! What must they think of me? I'm so embarrassed I could die!

John: Hello - I'm John Cowsill ... Guess you could say Penny has learned a much-needed lesson! And here's a trip for you - if you're a bit of a litterbug - neatness is something all guys look for in a girl, so deep a place for everything - and keep everything in it's place.

"Be Considerate"

Tom: Happy Birthday Tricia!

Tricia: Oh, my, Gosh! It's beautiful!

Tom: My mohter sent you this - it's just a birthday card, but she thought you'd like it ....

Tricia: Oh Tom! Tell her I love it !

Next day -

Tricia: It was sweet of Tom's mother to remember my birthday, huh, Sandy?

Sandy: Sure was! and it would be sweet of you to write her a note to tell her so.

Tom: My Mom said to thank you for your note - she thinks you're pretty special - I think she's right.

Barry: He-llo! I'm Barry Cowsill - it pays to say thank you - even for small presents! It's east to do and very appreciated! Girls who are thoughful and considerate are always warmly remembered, so be special! Say thaink you for every favor you receive!

Barry Cowsill Says

"Be Considerate"

Would you like to be popular - not only with boys but with girls? Well, you can make an excellent beginning just by being considerate of every boy and girl you meet!

What does being considerate mean? It means being thoughtful, being courteous, being sensitive to others. It can work in any number of ways. If a boy in your class drops a book and isn't aware of it, pick it up and return it to him. If the girl sitting next to you in study hall has the sniffles and no Kleenex, give her some of yours. And when someone thinks enough of you to give you a present or send you a greeting card, sit right down and write a note of appreciation. You'll be noticed more than you ever were before - and your courtesies will be appreciated too, all the more because too many people are self-centered and don't even think of extending courtesies to others.

Every time you are considerate of someone else, you awaken that someone's interest in you. Briefly, of course. But a brief acquaintance can lead to a lasting friendship. And as every girl knows, being popular means having friends.

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