The Cowsills In Magazines

A Black Teen Breakthrough
November 27, 1970
Life Magazine

Though modern youth has derived most of its music, language and body style from black culture, the black stage has not repaid the compliment by promoting the image of youth. . .

Ultimately, what the Jackson 5 may herald is not just a belated black Beatlemania but a take-over everywhere in the teen music business by the teens themselves. The Jackson 5's white counterparts, the Osmond Brothers - five Mormon kids from Salt Lake City - and the TV group the Partridge Family, as well as the long-established Cowsills, all point to a novel configuration in pop culture centering on images of childhood and the family instead of adolescence and rebellion. With youth culture drying out in its mature forms, it may be time for some new bubble to arise from the bottom of the well - and these days the bottom is a long way down.

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