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Teen Star Gossip - Other References
February 1975
Fave! Teen Star Gossip Magazine

Inside Front Cover


BRIDEY MURPHY is John & Paul Cowsill . . . a new duo for nicy 'n nutty guys. For more Murphy news check out TSG's Back-Talk. They are recording for Capitol Records. Watch for single!

Gossip's Back-Talk!


(Note: the girl in the picture is the editor of the column Liz D.)

It's great that Paul and Bill Cowsill are singing again. What's John doing now? All of us remember sweet Sue and miss her very much. Sue Cowsill is the best friend anyone could have but she's suddenly disappeared. It'd be super if she would start singing again.

From Sue's
Minnesota Friends

Dear Friends,
Paul and John have formed a group called Bridey Murphy and they are singing on the Capitol label with a single called "The Time Has Come" that's just been released. Sue is finishing school and living with brother Paul who is a daddy to a 3 year old and another brand new baby born just in December.

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