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The Cowsills - Secrets They Tell Their Secret Girls!
August 1968
For Teens Only Magazine


Mom Barbara thinks while Bob strums and croons. There's no doubt about it - The Cowsills always keep so busy!
Papa Bud shares a personal moment with his two favorite females ... Barbara and little Susan. Wonder what he's saying?

It's a boys "bull-session" but Mom's invited too. Perhaps she plans to give her sons good advice on how to catch some nice gals!

Now the gang's in Rome. Here's (from left to right) Dick, John, Bob,
Barry, Paul, Susan, Barbara and Bud. What a groovy group!

THE COWSILLS tell certain of their most intimate secrets to the girls they're closest to—their secret girls. Here are some of The Cowsills' most personal confidences ... as they come from the boys' hearts and pasts to those special girls in their lives ... and then to you. They're all right here...

. . . John played the guitar. He used to sneak-practice playing the drums when no one else could see him because his brother Barry was the official drummer. He told one girl his secret and she encouraged him to practice more. One day, she said, he'd be the group's drummer. And his secret dream did come true!

. . . Bill's confessed some of his most embarrassing moments to his secret girls. But Bill would have to like a girl an awful lot to tell her these things, because they're so terribly private. You see, most of Bill's embarrassing moments were embarrassing because he said something he shouldn't have said. For instance, he once told a reporter about a meal The Cowsill clan had the night before — that was sort of bad. Understandably, Mama and Papa Cowsill didn't appreciate that very much!

. . . Barry reveals secret family squabbles to his girls. Of course, he doesn't discuss anything his family wouldn't want repeated. But he does tell special secret girls . . . girls who understand big family spats . . . about the little problems that arise at home over clothes and bathrooms, etc. Then, when he gets it all off his chest, he feels' better.

. . . When Bob really cares for a girl, he confesses his secret passions to her. He tells her how much he loves performing in front of live audiences, how important his education is to him, how much he values the opinions of his father, how much song-writing means to him. And most important, he tells her to keep his secrets locked in her heart.

. . . John only likes to confess happy secrets to his girlfriends. You see, when John cares about a girl, he wants to have a good time with her. He wouldn't dream of burdening her with sad or serious secrets. So he tells her happy little things, like jokes or stories, that can be shared just by the two of them.

. . . Paul confided his secret "be the richest man in the world plan" to one of his secret girls. You see, Paul has vivid recollections of the days when The Cowsills were very poor. And it was right during those really tough times that Paul made a vow to himself to be rich. He got busy working out a plan. And it's coming along fairly well, thank you.

. . . Barry has one secret girl he confides in every time he does something wrong and doesn't want anyone else to know about it. She's very smart and she always has a great idea for solving every problem. Barry goes to her for advice and she never lets him down. When he broke a window playing ball, for example, she suggested replacing it with money from his allowance before anyone got really mad. Barry says he doesn't know how he'd ever get along without his secret confidante.

. . . Bob likes to share a secret life with a girl when he really cares for her. That is, they have all kinds of special secret things they do together. They have a secret dating place, a little Italian restaurant in New York, a secret food they both eat, a secret project they're working on together, like learning Italian. Bob may be considered the fun niest Cowsill, but he's serious about romance. He believes there should be some strong bond holding people together. And part of that bond should be secrets.

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