The Cowsills In Magazines

Out There
by David Fricke
June 30 - July 14, 2005
Summer Double Issue
Rolling Stone Magazine


Susan Cowsill
Just Believe It

Long before there were teen divas, there was, in the last Sixties, Susan Cowsill: the junior chirping sister in the pop-psych family band of the Cowsills, who resurfaced in the Nineties with Louisiana's alt-country answer to vintage Fairport Convention, the Continental Drifters, Just Believe It is Cowsill's first solo album, and it is the hardy, heartbreaking sound of a woman in the prime of her singing and songwriting life. "Palm of My Hand" and "Nanny's Song," a duet with Lucinda Williams, echo the healing melancholoy and Cajun jangle of the Drifters. Cowsill also turns her inner Joan Jett loose, punching through "I know You Know" and "Talkin'" like an avenging bar-band angel. The sole cover is a bayou-blues stroll through Sandy Denny's "Who Know Where the Time Goes," an apt reflection on the good thing that comes to those who don't live by the clock.

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